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Explaining why the Risk Management is important in projects?
Risk management is a fascinating topic that can be used in both waterfall and agile projects. We will...
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How to Use Agile in Project, Part 2
In our previous article, we spoke about waterfall projects and their process and definitions, as well...
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How to Use Agile in Project
Before going through how to use Agile in Project Management, let’s first briefly have high-level...
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positive thinking
Positive Thinking and life quality
Positive Thinking and life quality Before talking about positive thinking you have to know that...
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7 Main Roles in Waterfall Projects
Project management roles have evolved, and there are now a variety of distinct roles available in the...
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breast cancer
The Truth About BREAST CANCER In 4 Minutes
These days, it’s essential to know about this type of cancer, how to reduce the risk of getting it, and...
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7 Words best describe what are agile principles
In our last post, we covered the definitions and history of agile, the creation of the agile manifesto,...
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7 Words best describe what is agile.
What does the term “agile” mean? Agile is a mentality rather than just a management approach....
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All you need to know about polypharmacy
When I decided to write about polypharmacy, I thought back to my father's final ten years and the large...
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A Quick look at mental health will improve your life
We live in a fast-growing world full of stress at every stage. Stress doesn't just come from outside...
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